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How To Lead The Next Generation of Sales People


Join Tom Niesen, CEO of Acuity Systems,at this breakfast seminar and let his team of experts help you understand how to lead the next generation of sales people.

Session Overview

Tom Niesen - Culture

A company's culture is an invisible set of attitudes and behaviors that affect everything in the organization. In order to understand your sales culture, you must first understand your people and your business. Tom will be covering how millennial's differ from traditional sales people when it comes to motivation, coaching, compensation, and more, so you can build a successful culture around them.

L'areal Lipkins - Process

Unfortunately, many young salespeople lack the experience needed to be successful, but inconsistent sales results usually point to one thing- a missing or broken process. L'areal will explain how to build a process that specifically caters to millennial's, helping them manage their pipeline, better understand their prospects, and in the end, close more deals.

Brisa Castillo - Hiring

If you've tried hiring millennial's, you've probably realized you need a completely different strategy than you've used in the past. In fact, many companies are finding it difficult to grow because they simply can't hire and retain new sales talent. Brisa will discuss how to attract top millennial talent, what to look for during the hiring process, and how to on-board your new hire.

Who should attend?  CEO's, VP of Sales, Sales Directors, Owners, Sales leaders, sales managers, hiring managers and sales professionals who are serious about their sales success.

Meet the Presenters

Tom Niesen - Acuity Systems Inc., CEO

Tom Niesen, CEO and Founder of Acuity Systems, Inc., works with business owners to create a strategy to improve their sales force, increase revenue, and develop a company culture of accountability. Before starting Acuity Systems, Inc. in 1995, Niesen spent 14 years in upper sales management and marketing positions with Polaroid and Fuji Film. There he built sales teams and began to understand the importance of having the right people, processes, and culture.

Today, he blends his own experiences with nationally proven training and evaluation tools from The Sandler Sales Institute, Objective Management Group, and Extended DISC, to teach a unique brand of sales training and personal development. Because of his unique approach to sales and stellar track record, Tom has had the opportunity to work with companies in over 220 industries.

L'areal Lipkins - Acuity Systems Inc., Managing Partner

Known for her insight around streamlining success, L'areal Lipkins is Managing Partner at Acuity Systems, Inc., the longest-running Sandler Training franchise in Texas. Acuity Systems Inc. is Dallas premiere sales training and consulting firm that specializes in helping companies recruit top sales talent, develop sales processes, align sales strategies, and build highly effective sales teams. Associations and corporations across the globe value L'areals expertise in an area of their business that is crucial to their long-term success---sales.

Brisa Castillo - Acuity Systems Inc., Associate

As an Associate at Acuity Systems, Brisa Castillo spends her time with CEO's and Presidents of organizations who have a great sales force, but they don't have anything active in the pipeline that could close in the next few months. Or they have a full pipeline with opportunities that could close soon, but nothing is closing. Other times, they are closing enough business, but they're having to discount their price in order to get the sale and that cuts into their profits.