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Leadership Lessons whith DFW Legends Scaling Your Organization

Mark Fenner is the President and Founder of Rise Performance Group. Mark believes that people are an organizations most valuable asset. Superior results are achieved by organizations that attract and develop strong leaders that are properly resourced. Mark founded Rise Performance Group to help build those leaders.

Marks career is the culmination of more than two decades of creating, building and leading teams. He has personally built high performing sales teams that have broken sales records and advised hundreds more. He is also a member of the John Maxwell Team and is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach.

Through his 25 years of leadership experience, Mark has led great teams to success and through overcoming obstacles and challenges. This experience, coupled with the coaching and mentoring from John Maxwell and faculty members of the John Maxwell Team, gives Mark a unique perspective that helps his clients increase their influence, unite teams and accomplish extraordinary success. Marks passion is to see individuals reach their potential by raising their leadership lid after all, everything rises and falls on leadership.