4 Digital DNA Lessons Learned From The C-Suite

The Digital C-Suite

The Digital C-Suite

UPDATE: Check out the full version of this article on LinkedIn. We repost these in a more complete deep dive on LinkedIn during the week. Sometimes they get a lot of traction. This is one that has driven conversation - check it out here.

This idea of digital DNA.  What is this that thing that certain people have that enables them to be successful in this world of transformation? Is this DNA an innate skill or learned through experience? How is natural ability or skill, experience and digital DNA linked and were are they different. Can you really develop digital DNA or are you born with it? Does that digital DNA become sharper through Experience and could Experience and that same DNA be heightened with new skills. Is digital DNA that great enabler of our time and what ultimately determines our success in this new world of constant transformation?

I have been to a number of networking events, conferences over the last couple of weeks and some of the best ones I have been to are put on by the women's groups - DFW Alliance of technology and Women (@DFW-ATW), Women in Technology Awards by Dallas Business Journal (@DallasBizNews) and the one thing I hear over and over is that they are not just for women, they welcome support from everyone. I have made some great connections over the last few weeks for the podcast and professionally. I met with two CIOs, a CDO and several other execs of big companies in Dallas and they all committed there time to come onto the podcast over the next few months. I even met someone that will help me get to a senator or two to talk technology and healthcare... cant wait. Very exciting.

It is with great timing that, Will Clevenger has put out his latest blog talking about C-Suite DNA and part of the prep for that blog he talked to Michelle Brigman the Global Director of Customer Listening and Engagement for Citi Group. We talk about DNA essentials for leadership needed to navigate the turbulent but rewarding waters of Digital Transformation. 

Will and I talk about this from time to time, so I thought it was a good time to share our thoughts on whether or not industry verticals are gone, and do they still exist anymore. Are these artificial buckets blinding us from interacting with these companies effectively? Find out in our new segment MYTH OR REALITY. 

Also, in the DISRUPTION OR DISTRACTION segment we talk about Starbuck's latest move away from eCommerce. We also go back to the year 2000 and look into the digital mistake that still haunts Toys R Us today.