The Brand Of You - Taking Control of Your Digital Brand

EPISODE 107 | This week we dedicate the entire episode to diving into the Brand of You and taking control of your brand and investing in your brand. We focus on the 5 tips to start investing in and building your brand.

You Are One Car Crash Away... Bold? But true. I don’t know who coined that phrase first. I didn’t make it up. But, it is a great way to illustrate the fact that you can't control everything around you. There are always going to be things you have no control of. No matter what level you are in your organization, there are still factors that are beyond your control.

5 Steps to Start Taking Control of Your Personal Brand "No Stock Images"

5 Steps to Start Taking Control of Your Personal Brand "No Stock Images"

Even if you are at the top of the org chart, market forces and customers control the outcome. You never know what can happen no matter how prepared you are.

But, are you taking control of all things within you power, that you do have control over? Have you been paying attention to the things that will follow you are around in your career? Or sometimes into your personal life? One thing you probably haven’t taken control of enough, is your brand. Your story. How you are perceived through social networks and LinkedIn. Does your online profile, especially your professional one, indicate who you are and what you are interested in? What you are passionate about? Can someone that doesn’t know you very well read it and walk away with a clear understanding of what you want to next?

If you are not taking control of your brand now, it could, and likely will be, too late when you need it to work for you later. When something unplanned or unexpected happens.
Are you investing time into your brand? You should definitely, be looking at your personal brand as an investment. An investment in YOU.

Checkout the deep dive article on this topic on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn article breaks out the 5 Steps in the infographic above in detail.