Storytelling With HYPER-REALISTIC Artist Von Wong

Today we sit down and talk to the artist know for his amazing hyper-realistic photography Von Wong himself, Ben Wong. We talk about his big e-waste project with Dell.

We talk storytelling, how to go viral, his journey from engineer to cutting edge and in-demand artist. Ben is self taught, he is one of the new generation of self made success stories that learned his skill online and used social to build an empire and an intensely loyal following. Marketers this is your new super informed customer, who also happens to be smart enough to build a business around his strengths and core beliefs. He has created his agency around an unconventional business model that allows him to stick to his core tenets, as well as continues to have the flexibility to only work on what he wants to work on.

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Today you will get real world creative, business and social media lessons from the founder of an independent creative agency that is highly in demand. And he works on his own terms with unconventional business model - he made up his own model and it works. So please... subscribe to this show, leave a review and share it with your friends... you can also follow the show at and you can follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And, I discuss each show in an article on LinkedIn every week, join me for that conversation on LinkedIn page, you can find me under Eric Hanes on LinkedIn. I should come up first in the search results, if I don't start typing in Words of Mass Disruption after my name and I will pop up at the top.



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