Entrepreneur Ben Davis Founder of THE GENTS PLACE

Ben Davis is the Founder of THE GENTS PLACE

Ben Davis is the Founder of THE GENTS PLACE

Ben Davis the founder of The Gents Place will tell future entrepreneurs to stop waiting, there are no excuses, just do it... the worst case is you will fail and you will learn and try again. You have to believe that failure is part of your success story.

This is a two part episode, here is PART 1:

You can find PART 2 here:

In 2008, 25 year old Ben Davis decided to start his business, and to start a business at the highest price point in the area. The economy was crashing, he had no experience in the barbershop business, his son had just had open heart surgery and he had no money. But he left a great job working for a great boss to do his thing, to be the business man he knew he wanted to be.

Ben will tell you, that you have to jump in without hesitation, that you cannot let fear paralyze you and dictate your future. Ben jumped head first into a traditional barbershop industry, that he knew very little about, except that he didn't like it the way it was. He brought his interest in the experiential economy to a traditional business and created a new lifestyle brand approach to a boring and sometimes dreaded haircut experience.

His brand is about looking good and feeling good and that is key to you feeling and being successful. He believes you are never fully dressed without great hair.

The Gents Place is much more than just a haircut, it is a lifestyle of success.

BONUS: Ben talks about Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner) as an investor in The Gents Place versus Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks Owner) and both billionaires.