The Future of Artificial Intelligence with Tom Edwards

This is episode 119 and today I sit down with Tom Edwards, the Chief Digital Officer Agency @ Epsilon, and the creator of Blackfin360 who was recently recognized by AdAge as a Marketing Technology Trailblazer, and we talk all things Artificial Intelligence or as many call it... AI. 


When Tom and I sat down we spent a lot of the conversation on AI in a way that will help you develop a perspective or help inform your perspective on the subject matter. We also talk about personal brand and balancing that with the professional brand and the importance of having a perspective and sharing that perspective. This conversation is going to be a two part set of episodes, this week we will focus on the AI perspective, Machine Learning, IOT and Digital Assistants. Part 2 will be next weeks episode (#120) when we talk about balancing the personal and professional brand and the competitive edge it will get you, as well help you build a better stronger circle around you that will intern make you better in the long run.

I will also includes some excerpts from David Meerman Scott and some other guests that have been on the show previously. Not everything we talk about always gets into the episode and often there are some nuggets of perspective about other topics like this one that I can bring into the dialogue later.


1. Machine Learning is human coded algorithms that drive some sort of decision process, like what gets populated in your Netflix queue or how articles are posted in your various social feeds.
2. AI is more about intelligence augmentation - using massive computing and processing power and applying it to solve problems combined with the creation and intuition of individuals.


One of my favorite people to talk to is Tom Edwards (Aka @blackfin360), especially when it comes to art of the possible and AI, Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, etc... Tom is that perfect mix of futurist, trail blazer and social media nerd. He can walk the walk and he can see where it is all taking us.

And if you want to keep up the latest on what is going with AI, you should follow Tom. And in fact, Tom will be at CES this week in Vegas so follow him on his blog as he reports back from the tech conference this week. Also follow him on Twitter @blackfin360 and you can also enable BlackFin360 Skill on your Alexa and on your Google device just say Open Blackfin360... he has got it covered.

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