4 Essential Steps to Building a Better Digital You

Today I sit down with Tom Edwards, the Chief Digital Officer of Epsilon, and the creator of Blackfin360 who was recently recognized by AdAge as a Marketing Technology Trailblazer, and today we will be talking Personal Brand. Tom has some excellent guidance on the Do's and the Dont's.

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Right there in the beginning of the show, in what they call the cold opening, I put a clip of Tom talking about the draw backs of hoarding your contacts. If you equate the value of your network to your own value and its your "secret weapon" then you probably need to take a step or two back and do some self evaluation today. You will most likely see that your hoarding is actually working against you building your network and getting maximum value from it.

So today is Part 2 of our conversation with Mr. Balckfin360, Mr. Tom Edwards the fearless leader at the Agency @ Epsilon. If you do not follow him already and are interested in the latest trends in tech, then you should follow him. Check out his blog blackfin360.com and you can Also follow him on Twitter @blackfin360 and you can catch up on all his CES tweets from last week. Some awesome insight and gold nuggets of perspective in their. Oh yeah, he also has a BlackFin360 Skill, so if you have an Alexa of Google home device... he has got you covered.

Today we are going to be talking about having a point of view and sharing that point of view. Tom is one of the people I go to, to help develop my perspective and to get some amazing insights on how recent trends are developing or could develop as real serious value adds for our lives and business. We also talked about personal brand and balancing that with the professional brand.


1. How important it is to develop and share your own perspective and point of view.

2. Stop hoarding your network connections, it doesn't help anyone. Especially you.

3. Find the right balance of Personal Brand (the Digital You) and your Professional Brand (the hand that feeds you) before it bites you.

4. Diversify your life, your network. I have met someone meaningful at every event I have ever been to. You need new an different perspective and people to make you a better person.

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