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William Tincup is a Highly Respected Thought Leader & a Veteran of the Podcast Game

William Tincup is a Highly Respected Thought Leader & a Veteran of the Podcast Game

Our guest this week is William Tincup, he is the President of - He is a sought after thought leader in the recruiting space and is on numerous advisory boards. William is a prolific writer with more than 200 articles, he has been a speaker at more than 150 conferences and he has run his own podcast with more than a 1000 episodes.

In this episode we talk about the modern tools and techniques of the recruiting game and how the Internet has, and continues to, change everything.

Most of us are familiar with the push and pull of looking for a new job or changing careers. Most of us look at the tools as formidable and get tired of repeatedly entering the same information into different forms over and over.

Most are familiar with, please upload your resume here, now upload it here in a different format, ok now enter all the information on your resume in this page, ok now, enter that same information in again in a different way. Then when you get the call for an interview, please bring your resume with you.

Then the recruiters start calling and asking you the same questions you have already answered online and the opportunity is not even a close fit. The bottom line is that is difficult, challenging and certainly no fun to get out there and start looking for a new job.

Many of us are able to use our networks to find the next opportunity. It has been so many years since I have used an online site to find a job, I can't remember ever doing it. It may have been 20 years ago since I needed to do that. But, my experience is mostly dealing with emails and phones calls on a near daily basis from recruiters with opportunities. On the plus side, I guess I always have the comfort of knowing there is demand for my skills, but on the other side it just becomes white noise. Very few recruiters have ever gotten my attention. 

Again, my opportunities have come via my network.

As someone that hires talent on occasion, I know that hiring people via my network or the networks of those I respect around me often uncovers the best talent anyway. So I know from both sides of the hiring equation that maintaining an up to date profile on line is very important. It used to be, you just had to maintain a LinkedIn profile.

When I first started using LinkedIn, like many of us, I basically mimicked the resume format on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn has made many improvements over time, I think adding an attachment to your work history is the only real change since the beginning of LinkedIn. I look forward to seeing what can happen in this space as LinkedIn continues to improve.

In this weeks episode of the podcast, I sit down with a veteran of the HR and Recruiting world, William Tincup and we talk about the modern tools and techniques of attracting talent and building a strong pipeline of resources.

It's not just LinkedIn and Facebook that recruiters are looking at these days. They are looking at everything you have ever done online. They are looking anywhere you have a profile, even Tinder in many cases. Have you written articles online? Have you commented on other people's stuff? They are looking at all of that. Often just leaving a comment or a "like" in the right place will get you noticed by a recruiter.

PROTIP when you are doing research on a job or person go onto linked and connect with people who worked there or at that place and talk to them. There are not any rules or laws that stop you from doing your research.

Once I started my website and started posting regularly on my LinkedIn profile, the number of people following me increased and many new recruiters found me. And often, its not just recruiters it is other people that are looking for the right people to work with. Today everyone is a recruiter.

Having a podcast definitely brings a different level of attention. I have had amazing opportunities present themselves because of the new connections I have made via my podcast.

In this weeks episode we cover three important points that are worth repeating here.

First, everything you do is part of your online profile. When you are posting and commenting on random content just imagine that someone is out there collecting that information and creating a dossier of you. There are apps that aggregate all your content and compile for future employers to look at.

Second, tools like LinkedIn can also be super effective for doing your research on the people you will be meeting in a job interview. Do your research and find people that have worked at the company that is trying to get you to make a move. Find people that have worked with your potential coworkers, especially the management.

Third, companies and employers spend a lot of money and effort to attract new attention and to look appealing to potential candidates. But, unfortunately most companies don't spend enough effort when people leave. When people are exiting it is as important, if not maybe more important, of a time to make sure they leave on good terms and with good things to say about the company.

Remember, if you are worried about big brother watching you... just imagine that your next employer is watching you now.


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