Career Changing Moments

The odds of you making a significant change in your career is 9 to 1. Look around you, out of the ten people closest to you, only one of them is going to actually make a change and take that leap forward. Only one of you is going to seize the moment and make your own decision to change. Only one of you will choose to excel. Only one of you will be running on that treadmill in the gym in a couple of months. Will that be you? Or them?

On this episode we will be talking about career changing moments and making the decision for change. We will talk about why you probably should change your career now, or get out of a job you don't like. We will also talk about how to make the decision to change and how to find that next opportunity. I myself have made a major career move recently and we will talk about that today too.

Today we will look at the three questions you need to ask yourself to really evaluate where you are at in your career. Should I stay or should I go? But first we will look at the three steps you need to effectively reach your goals and build a foundation for change.

Before we get into career change, lets talk about change in general, and how to build the foundation for you to make the right changes in your life and in your career.

The great poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou said "People will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but they wont forget how you made them feel."

It is much more to evoke a feeling with a visual than it is with a list of bullets. I take this presentation approach to setting goals.

Most people will tell you to write down your goals, that doesn't work for me. When I write my goals down I feel like I am giving the responsibility away to the list, to the pen and paper. Writing them down doesn't work for me. I forget my goals as soon as I wright them down. Anyone that has worked with knows that my presentations tend to look more like infographics and rarely have bullet points.

So how do I plan and reach my goals. Three steps.

I SEE my goal in my head, I visualize what it looks like. Once I have that picture, I then have to BELIEVE in it. And, then when I have done that, I do what it takes to MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Check out the complete episode to see how I made this work for to meet Mark Cuban. Also, in this episode the THREE questions you need to be asking your self today to determine if you need to make a career change.


For more information about my move to the hottest Tech and Innovation company in Dallas, Dialexa... check out the podcast. The way they approach product development was one of the things that got my attention... check out the video below.

When I saw the drone racing track throughout the office, how could I not work here.

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