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If you are not a marketer or work with marketing folks, you are probably not aware of the importance of authenticity to marketing and brand. Companies are constantly challenged with finding ways to connect in a genuine and meaningful way. Some brands, like Nike and Apple have mastered the art of authenticity when it comes to representing their brands. The marketing landscape is evolving more now and quicker than it ever has before, and the customers are getting smarter and more aware of the products around them. You can't just throw dollars at your brand... you have to connect with customers.

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Today I sit down with the Head of Data and Analytics at PMG, Dustin Engel and we walk through the recent history of Beats and how it went up against the big boys and eventually became one of them.

We talk about the difference some companies make and why they understand how to make that connection better than others.

Apple has spent less money on advertising for their phones and iTunes than their competitors, and they have focused that money on experience. Store experiences. How do you make the store a part of the sales process?

Apple has a unique way of making the shopping experience authentic, Apple has figured out to charge people premium prices and have created a luxury brand that is being consumed by the masses. They have bucked traditional trends of focusing on premium customers with higher margins and leaving the lower margin customers behinds.

If customer experience is about delivering a consistent experience, then many companies have proven that.

Where do these leaders fear disruption? What does Apple see on the horizon? What are they seeing around the next corner?


Dustin Engel is the leader of the Advanced Media Team (data activated media) and the Analytics and Data Science Team at PMG Advertising Agency. In this episode we talk about his journey from aspiring Marine Biologist to a career in Digital Marketing. We get his perspective on many aspects of digital disruption, including beacons, Apple's next big move, airline fee's and late fee's. 

We talk everything from Dr. Dre and Trent Reznor to Angela Ahrendts the Sr Vice President of Retail at Apple who used to be the CEO at Burberry. We talk Lebron, Neymar and Winning Moments That Matter with Beats by Dre headphones.

Check out episode 109 for the deep dive with Dustin on Blockbuster.

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